Our commitment to developing a sustainable business is integrated into our culture and is expected of every supplier and associate we work with.


We are helping to change practices throughout the foodservice industry.


We provide products and services which meet our client's needs without compromising our environment and society.

local sourcing

We continue to work with food distributors and suppliers who share our environmental concerns and favor those who share our commitment to protect the environment.


This includes serving locally grown produce, foods and products sourced from local farms and companies. 


We serve these products every day in our cafes.



biodegradable & compostable products

determine the level of green initiatives & related cost

implement cafe recycling & composting. 


culinary programs

By blending signature menus, local and national brands you love, we create unique dining environments that serve fresh, delicious food from local sources.


Our passionate team of chefs create exciting menus and culinary programs with your health and taste in mind.


Our meals are prepared using cooking techniques that enhance and retain the nutritional content of ingredients without adding calories.

Corporate Health and Wellness Program | WellEVERYTHING logo

We believe strongly in providing the right health, wellness and nutritional information. Whether it is accessing your cafe nutrition, finding tips to be physically fit or ways to cope with stress, we have all the necessary tools.


We have hand-picked helpful fitness tips that will help you move along any goals you have for getting healthy, losing weight, or just staying fit.

Because every customer uses nutrition information differently, we provide three easy ways to view our cafe nutrition.

This has all the elements you are looking for when trying to make better decisions for your overall lifestyle.

Our culinary program that features seasonal foods with big, bold flavors and no guilt.

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